Monday, February 25, 2013

Dinner tonight

This was dinner tonight. So good. I used whole wheat pasta and fresh spinach.

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10 day good challenge- day 5

Things are going well, for me. I can't say the same for the kids and Daniel, but I'm fine with that. Baby steps.

Here is what I have been eating and making.

Cookie at hanks school- it was delicious I have to say.
Carrots and hummus for snack
I made a whole organic chicken in the crockpot and we had that with home made quinoa Mac n cheese and spinach salad

Sushi and spring rolls from fresh market.
Greek Yogurt
Daniel brought home food from Level. So freaking good. He brought home tuna tartar, roasted brussel sprouts and pork spring rolls. So I made some sides to go with it. Broccoli and cauliflower with mashed sweet potatoes.

Smoothie and a bite of scrambled eggs
Hummus and veggies
Pistachio crusted flounder with asparagus and sautéed mushrooms

Whole wheat pancakes with 100% maple syrup
Salad with hearts of palm, tomatoes, pepper, carrots, cucumbers, pine nuts, ham and a little bit of cheese. This was a pretty late lunch so it held us for dinner. We were at michael's. So I also bought some organic mango salsa and whole grain tortilla chips and hummus with cucumbers and carrots.
I made homemade bread last night and I had two small slices. I had to try it. It was my first time making my own bread. It was so good.

I eat a lot of the same stuff. Hummus is a staple. My WW leader said to mix a tablespoon of hummus with a tablespoon of nonfat plain Greek yogurt to stretch the hummus without adding too many points. Haven't tried that yet. I love hummus with veggies!!!

Hearts of palm. So good. I could eat an entire can. I have to remember to rinse them. Thy can be a little salty. But I love salt. Weird, I know.

I would say so far so good. The biggest thing has been coffee. I haven't really drank it. I tried it yesterday with agave sugar. I love Splenda and we have some in the house and I keep staring at the yellow packets. But I have resisted temptation. The problem is that sugar and agave both have calories. Is there a zero calorie all natural sweetener out there???

Anyway, this has been my journey so far. I really hope it shows on the scale this week. We shall see. I also had a glass of red wine on Friday and Saturday. So that might counter my good eating. I love red wine on a cold night.

I don't have a bread maker. So I was surprised at how good the bread came out. Have you tried anything new lately???

Have a great week!