Friday, January 25, 2008

Babies in Bloom and a New Tooth

Yesterday, Elli and I were very busy. We went to the Annapolis Library for Babies in Bloom. We got to hang out with Makana Neverosky and Brooks Cherneski. It was a lot of fun and Elli always loves to go. She is starting to become more social, by trying to grab other kids' faces and what looks like eat them, but we are going to assume she is trying to give kisses!

Then we went to the gym so I can continue to TRY and get rid of this excess baby weight. ARGH! And, then we had a doctor's appointment. Elli woke up in the middle of the night Wednesday night screaming and Daniel and I now we know why....She just cut her first top tooth! It looks so painful when I look at it coming through. And, the other one is right behind needless to say the next few days (hopefully not weeks) will be a little rough on her...

Here are some pictures of yesterday's adventures with Makana and Brooks!

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