Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Baptism vs. Christening

So, I would really like to get Elli baptized before she turns 1. Daniel and I are from opposite ends of the religious spectrum, but neither of us are really practicing (we don't go to church).

I was raised Catholic and he was raised Southern Baptist. When we got married we wanted a non-denominational ceremony, and we haven't been to church since...(can you hear the guilt as I type?)

We are moving to Beverly Beach/Mayo area and there is this really cute Episcopal church (St. Andrew's - which I think is a sign that I/we should be members of this Parrish) right around the corner, which I think will be perfect. Because if it is close than we really have no excuse not to attend church. So, I put a call in yesterday to talk to someone at the church just to find out more. And, I am not set on belonging to a Catholic church because I don't really consider myself to be a Catholic anymore. But, I also would like something a little more formal than a Baptist church. Somewhere in between, which I think is a fair compromise.

What is the difference between a baptism and a christening? Is it just words that we argue about, two different beliefs? Can we have a baptism and just call it a christening? If we get Elli "christened," I don't plan on having her "baptized" again later... I would like her to get confirmed later on in life. But, I don't even know if that is the way Episcopalians do it?

Growing up. I really enjoyed going to church and I loved the Catholic school that I attended from K-8th grade. I thought it taught good values and that is what counts. Right?

Anyway, that is what I have been thinking about lately...

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