Sunday, October 26, 2008


So I was able to schedule Hank's induction on the 25th of September.  They scheduled me at 7pm that Thursday evening.  I asked for an epidural right after they hooked me up to the pitocin, before the doctor checked my progress.  That was probably the smartest thing that I did.  I got the epidural and then about 4-5 hours later, I was ready to push.  I actually watched the birth of Hank.  The delivery was much easier this time around.  The recovery was 100% easier as well.  I didn't have to use any ice packs and the bleeding was not as bad either...

So, Hank Daniel Oxendine was born on September 26th at 2:35am.  He weighed in at 8lbs, 14oz.  and was 20 inches long.  He was a BIG baby.  

We went home on Sunday, September 28th and have been busy ever since.  

Another big happening is that I went back to basics with Elli sleeping in her crib.  Ever since we went to Mexico in March Elli had been sleeping with us in our bed.  Mostly because I was pregnant, tired and lazy (I didn't want to hear her cry).  On Thursday, I started putting Elli back in her crib and staying right by the crib until she fell asleep.  It took her 45 minutes to fall asleep that first night, then 25 minutes on Friday night and last night it only took 18 minutes.  I have been re-reading "Good night, Sleep tight" by Kim West to give myself the motivation and kick in the pants I needed.  

I thought that I would wait until we moved into the new house, but I thought we would have already been in the house by now.  I wanted my bed back.  Hopefully tonight will go as smooth as last night.  I am going to keep putting her in her crib and going to stick to our schedule.  She thrives when she is on a schedule.

We met up with some friends last night that we hadn't seen in  almost 2 years.  JD and Lora have a beautiful 1 year old, Daniel and it was great to see them last night.  Lora barely looks like she has had a baby in her skinny designer jeans.  Daniel was so adorable, despite being  on west coast time.  It was great to see them!!!

We are rooting on the Redskins today, they play the Lions at 1pm today.  It is a beautiful day and after the game we may try and venture to downtown Annapolis just to get outside and walk around.  They have a wonderful playground for children that Elli really enjoys.

On the double stroller is between the BOB and the Phil and Ted Sport.  Argh it is so hard to decide between these two strollers, but they are so expensive and such a big investment...I am leaning towards the Phil and Ted's just because of the width...

Anyway, less than two weeks until our trip to Tampa...should be exciting.

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