Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Weekend and Inaugeration

I used the weekend to go up to New Jersey to see some relatives that I hadn't seen in a while. Elli was only 3 months old when I was in NJ last, so it was great to see everyone. I love my family. I need to get up there more often, especially this summer. Elli loves to swim and I can't wait until we can go to the beach again.

Anyway, our President gave us the day off since all the Federal Government employees in the DC/Metro area were off. It was great.

Once again, I was brought to the verge of tears yesterday as I watched President Obama give his inaugural address. I have so much hope for the country. It was wonderful to watch the excitement and enthusiasm of everyone in DC. But, I was glad to be watching it from the comfort of a warm couch.

Daniel did so much around the house this weekend while we were away too! Yeah! Next time I will give him a bigger Honey-Do list! ha ha! He got the NEW 52" Samsung up on the wall. He installed the missing piece to our bed frame so now our bed sits higher off the ground, he put the towel bars up in the bathrooms, and was such a nice surprise to come home to a clean house (he even vacuumed.)

Today I sent out our e-cards that we have moved! I am trying to save some money now that we have two mortgages.

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