Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Finally, the last trimester of my last pregnancy:)

I have said it before - I am not very good at being pregnant.  I complain, whine, I'm exhausted, I sometimes pee my pants, I have a few beers every now and then, eat tuna tartar (rarely, but it is oh so good when I treat myself), drink 2-3 cups of coffee daily, pick up my kids (older two are 40 pounds and youngest is 25 pounds), climb on counters, try and do too much, etc...

I am starting to feel the pain.  I feel like I am in an 80-year-old person's body.  My body doesn't like being pregnant.  I am also impatient.  I can't wait to meet Miss Emma.

After losing 40 pounds last year, I don't think that my body likes to be overweight.  I can feel my back starting to ache and my hips starting to widen.  I don't do yoga or exercise (unless you count laundry and cleaning).  I am just miserable and I know it is the home stretch, but...ugh.

See, I'm just whining and complaining...

But, there is something about this that is sad to me.  (This is just the horomones talking, I'm sure).  But, I don't think it has hit me that this will be my last pregnancy.  Which means, I am getting older.  I still consider myself to be a young mom...not compared to some of the women that we were walking around with on Halloween last night.  They were these little petite, trendy young mom's (probably not yet 30).  Can you hear the jealousy in my typing???  Ha!  They each only had one son...if I had had Hank first, he might have been an only child...ha!  I say that jokingly - until I co-op at my daughter's school and some of the boys are so sweet, but there are a couple who just march to the beat of their own drum.  Luckily, co-oping only lasts for 2+ hours.

Anyway, Thursday is my 28 week appointment, and I have to drink the Glucose...ugh.  I have probably packed on the weight now and am probably close to the 20 pound mark (if not over).  I just feel so heavy.  I need to cut back on the McDonald's and the chips, cookies and crap.  I need to focus on not putting a bunch of weight on now, so I don't have SO much to lose later.  Oh, and the holidays are coming up.

Did I mention that we are going to NC for Thanksgiving???  This trip is probably one that I dread.  It is 8 hours (at least) in the car.  I will probably have to pee a million times, the kids will be on different potty schedules than me and I am sure it will drive the old hubby crazy.  And, the kids totally get off schedule.  They stay up too late, get up too early and it makes me absolutely miserable.  I am hoping that DH will get us a hotel room.  My in-laws (god knows I love them) have a 3 bedroom house, and we have a total of 13 people to squeeze into the house.  My MIL needs some serious help cleaning and I doubt that she gets any help from my FILor BIL.  She should just hire a company (I have actually offered a few times, but she doesn't trust anyone...)The food is not healthy, and they don't let women and children eat first (which is kind of crazy since they are southern and supposed to be known for manners), and one time I came out of the back bedroom from nursing, and there was no food left.  That is unheard of in my family.  And the attitude was "well next time you will learn...which I find appauling and sad."  Watching some of my husband's relatives eat makes me a little sick to my stomach.  One person in particular just shovels food into his mouth like he is in a contest to see how fast he can eat and he stacks his plate.  He doesn't talk, he just shovels...and I get sick to my stomach watching it...but it's like a car wreck...Ew! 

Anyway, like I said, all I do is complain...

Oh, I have also started to see spots...and get frequent dizzy spells when I stand up.  I will ask my OB if this is something I should be worried about or not...so, 12 more weeks...but really I am hoping to be induced around the 10th-12th of January...it would be great if I actually WENT into labor this time around, maybe even in 2011 so we can capitalize on the tax year!  Here's to wishful thinking!!!

On a good note, my friend Nic just got back from Afghanistan - yeah!!!

 Well, i am tired and going to go to bed. I got a chance to talk to one of my fav people tonight. I need to work on being a better friend. Love you, KK!
Good night all!



MCW said...

This post was very real and I loved it. It's ok to drink a few now and then. Not that I have ever been pregnant, but all of my friends did too. And the fact that you are living your life normally and not living from a pregnancy book makes so much sense to me!

The weight will fly off. Maybe I will be in MD when you are losing and we can walk or something :) and then have a glass of wine.

Kristen said...

Thanks, Molly! Definitely go for a walk and a few glasses of wine:)