Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weight Watchers and nursing

I just started Weight Watchers again...this has made me be better at menu planning...and the weather has been a little warmer, so the grill will get some lovin' here shortly.   I clocked in at 20 pounds heavier than my "goal" weight when I made lifetime back in December 2010.  This was right after they switched from points to points plus.  So, I hadn't actually gotten on the Points Plus wagon just yet....then I got pregnant. 
So, here we are...
After the first week, I was down 1.5 pounds.  This probably was due to the fact that the whole family got the stomach bug a few days before I had to weigh-in, so thanks to the stomach bug. 
I am still nursing (which means I am ALWAYS hungry)...it is so hard to not just take the easy route and go with formula.  I HATE PUMPING!!!  I only get like an ounce out of each side every time I have to pump...it is PATHETIC.  I was joking with a friend last week because she couldn't believe that I wouldn't have an endless supply of breastmilk.  I probably would, if it weren't for my TWO breast reductions in 2005.  I start to feel a little guilty thinking about my decision to, as my Aunt's old boss say, chop down my Redwoods...but seriously, I can't even imagine how big those boobies would be after 4 kids...So, I will just deal with my guilt.  But, Emma is so happy and healthy.  She just started smiling and responding to faces and voices, and she gained almost 2 pounds in a month...so she is growing just great!
I am hoping to get back down to USNA weight...soccer weight.  We'll see, it will take a lot of hard work...but I am sure I can do it!  I just have to stop eating everything in sight!
Anyway, hope you enjoyed the picture that I posted, this picture makes me chuckle and I hope it will make Elli smile too - when she has kids.  She is such a sour puss here...
Week #2 update tomorrow!  I have a healthy menu tonight of BBQ chicken, salad and mushrooms & asparagus!

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