Sunday, January 27, 2008

Weekend Activities

This weekend was pretty low key. We stayed in both Friday and Saturday nights, this makes four weekends in a row that we didn't even go out to eat. Now, Friday we ordered food from one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in the area, Diego's. Lacey recommended it and I absolutely love their guacamole!

Saturday we spent pretty much the entire day over at my parents house, trying to help them get the house in a little bit better shape. My Aunt MJ and cousin Lauren also were helping. It was a family affair and it was good to see them. We are almost done with my mom's room, and we started on the kitchen. My mom is such a great sport, because I know how hard it is to let go sometimes...but she has been GREAT!

But, before we headed out to Columbia, I gave Elli a bath and dressed her up a little bit. I am very much into hair accessories right now. I love finding little headbands or barrettes to put in her hair, even though she doesn't have a TON yet!

Today, we just hung around the house for the most part. Elli has this nasty cough that we are trying to monitor. I even had her in the bathroom today with the shower going so that she could inhale the steam...hoping that it would make her feel better. She is in so much pain because of her top teeth. The third tooth finally broke through the other day, but her fourth tooth - the top left one is coming in now. She keeps trying to chew on my fingers. It hurts soooo....bad. On my mother's recommendation, I gave her a mesh feeder with some ice cubes in it and she absolutely LOVES it! She was so tired today, Daniel got her to fall asleep in his lap. I thought it was so cute, so I took a picture.

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