Wednesday, February 6, 2008

This week

So, it is Wednesday and I am EXHAUSTED! I have given up caffeine and didn't realize how much I depended on it, but I started reading that book, Skinny Bitch, and it says in there that you should cut out caffeine. So, last week I started....and it stinks! I miss my coffee:(

On Monday, Elli and I made our weekly trip to see my grandparents. They are doing great. Nana is practically just using the walker for balance, she is moving so fast now! Elli was a little cranky towards the end of our visit, but that was only because she was tired.

Tomorrow we are going to the Annapolis Library for Babies in Bloom and I think we are going to meet up with some friends, Lauren Bruner and her daughter Julia and possibly Elizabeth Vaughn and her son William. It should be a good time! Elli always loves Babies in Bloom.

The weather this week has been unseasonably warm. Everyone on the radio and TV blame global warming...I like the fact that I don't have to bundle up and wear a wool coat over my suit to work. I hope it stays like this:)

We (I) have picked out three dates for Elli's Baptism/Christening. These are in order of preference, but will ultimately depend on the status of our house. Because after the ceremony I want to have a small reception back at our new house afterwards. So, here are the dates: 1. July 15th, 2. August 17th, and 3. June 15th.

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