Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Last week

So, every Monday or Thursday, I try and make a visit to my grandparents house. It is fun for Elli and I to get out of the house and go have lunch with them. She gets to try all kinds of different foods. In the first picture, my grandfather, is giving her a pickle and she LOVED IT!

This next picture is from Friday night. Elli was so tired that towards the end of her dinner she was falling asleep in her high chair. It was so funny, Daniel and I were cracking up that I had to take a picture and video. We would be laughing so hard that it would wake her up for a second and then she would go back to sleep. She is so cute!!!

The next few pictures are from this past Saturday. Adelina, our niece, came over to visit and she spent the night with us. She is 4 years old and such a doll. I actually met Adelina for the first time when she was just 5 or 6 months old. It has been neat to watch her grow up into such a big girl! We went to the playground in our neighborhood, where Adelina climbs on everything and can get on the swing all by herself. Elli loves Adelina and tries to give her hugs and kisses every time Adelina is close, even if Elli has to pull Adelina's hair to get her closer.

We went out to dinner on Saturday night with Mike, Ellen and Olivia. This was the first and last time I will take Elli out to dinner after 6pm. We didn't get to the restaurant until 7:20pm, which happens to be Elli's bedtime. So, needless to say she was a little out of her routine that night. But, Adelina and I got to share a big steak and crabcake. She even tried the cream of crab soup and liked it. She tried the spiced shrimp too, but didn't really care for it. But, I am glad that she tried it.

By the time dinner was done, I was exhaused, but I still wanted to go to Vaccaro's and get a little something sweet. Then we went back to Mike and Ellen's and I played the Wii for the first time. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I loved the Wii. I totally want one!!! It was so much fun.

The next day, we had a birthday party for Addison Sladky. I will post some pictures from that later on this evening. We had so much fun! The food was AMAZING!!! Lacey cut out all the fruits, veggies, cheese, bread with these little animal shaped cookie cutters. It was amazing!!!

Alright, well, that was our week, in a nutshell. Oh, we did go test drive the new 2008 Toyota Sequoia. It is my dream car. I wish it didn't cost $58k. It was so roomy. We looked at the Dodge Grand Caravan first and then the Sequoia and I think I am hooked on the SUV vs. the Mini-van. I always thought I would love the mini-van, but after sitting in the Sequoia, I feel I would be squooshed as my niece would say it.

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