Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lots of Happenings

So, I have been a little delinquent in the blogging world. I have had good reason. Since the middle of May we have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off. We went to the beach for Memorial Day weekend, planning bridal showers, my cousin got married, Elli turned 1 and we had a party, our house got delivered, and I have been sick and exhausted.

Memorial Day weekend: we found out we are having a little boy! It took me 11 days after having the sonogram and the "envelope" to rip it open and find out that we are expecting a BOY. That figures why I have been sick and even last week I had some sort of stomach virus...great!!!

Anyway, we had a blast at Bethany Beach. Elli loved the sand and water. She actually liked the sand so much that she ate the sand and then had a nasty diaper rash right afterwards and I learned that I will only dress her in two-piece bathing suits when we go to the beach until she is out of diapers (it just makes changing her a whole lot easier).

One of my best friends, Emily, is getting married in July and so I threw her a bridal shower in the beginning of June and it was so fun. I love planning showers and parties.

The next weekend, my cousin Kyle on my dad's side got married. The wedding and festivities surrounding the wedding were in Baltimore, so that was so nice not to have to travel a very far distance. We did hire a babysitter for the Saturday night wedding. It was great!!! Carolina was amazing with Elli and we are totally going to use her again...

Then last week our house was delivered. What a process that is...and we had some issues. First, a girl ran her car into one of our boxes. She was on her cell phone and didn't see everyone pulled over on the side of the road and she almost decapitated herself. Luckily she didn't, so we didn't have to send the house back. The company just brought in an engineer and fixed the outer part of the box where she hit. The poor girl had to be cut out of her car...she is okay and the house seems to be fine.

Then Elli turned ONE last Friday. It is hard to imagine that a year has gone by since she was born. Time just goes by so fast...
She had a party on Saturday in the townhouse, so it was a little crowded, but I think everyone enjoyed themselves. It was a busy weekend. Then on Sunday, another one of my oldest friends, Siobhan, had a bridal shower. It was a lovely party. I was glad to just relax a little Sunday night with Daniel and Elli.
I have been feeling ill lately. The doctor is a little concerned about my blood pressure. I think it is just because I am gaining weight. I am almost to the third trimester, I am trying to enjoy eating. Last Wednesday, I was sick, and then on Friday I was throwing up. I even had to pull over on the side of the road twice. It was awful...
Anyway, I will post some more pictures of the birthday party. We now have two digital cameras and now have twice the pictures, so it might take me a while to sort through them.
One of the pictures above is of Elli's eagerness and aggressiveness to give out kisses and hugs. The little boy is a co-worker of mine, Allison's son Andrew. Andrew is 3 months old and here Elli is loving him. She is a little aggressive with the hugging, she has even knocked down my 4 year old niece a few times trying to get a hug. It is pretty funny, and I am glad that she is a lover.
Anyway, we are off to North Carolina in a few weeks for the annual 4th of July Pow-Wow! My parents are coming down to see it too. My brother Michael is taking his girlfriend Katie to Key West or I am sure they would be coming as well. It is a sight to see. I am excited, just not excited about the humidity.
Alright, I am off for now!

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