Sunday, September 26, 2010


Happy 2nd Birthday, Hank!!!!  We celebrated with a cake, but the party is next weekend.  We are having a barnyard (blue and orange) themed party for both the boys with a Mini-cow, goat and pot belly pig going to be making an appearance!  We are so excited!!!  I had this girl on Etsy - Chickabug (Heather from Ellicott City) design the cupcake toppers, favor tags, buffet cards, water bottle labels, etc.  I wish I had talent to design my own paper goods...maybe one day!

So, I am listening to Elli sleep....she doesn't snore anymore...but, I secretly wonder if she still has sleep apnea.  I will talk to the doctor at her post-op.  They just got home this afternoon.  Daniel took the kids to the beach this weekend in order to help me out.  What a sweet guy! 

Siobhan's shower was a big success!  I felt a little frazzled at first because people started showing up and I was not FULLY prepared!  So, I put my great friends from high school to work - thankfully they were asking what they could do to help - how wonderful!  Crazy that I have known Siobhan for 30 (THIRTY) years!!!  THIRTY YEARS!!!  I can't get over it.  We met when we were Elli's age and now she is having a little girl too!!!  Now, Emily just needs a girl and the Trio will be complete - hee hee! 

I fell asleep last night at 8:30pm and tried to sleep in, but was up at 7am.  I tried to have the whole house in order when Daniel got home.  All the laundry was done, all the dishes were cleaned and now I have all the kids clothes to put away from his two day trip. 

This week is going to be HUGE!!!  HANK starts school on Tuesday!!!  Can you believe it???  I won't even be able to see it since I have a business trip and have to leave VERY early on Tuesday morning:(  This is me whining:(

Anyway, so excited for the boys' birthday parties!!!  I am going to attempt to make a big barnyard cake, with some interesting cupcakes....I might try the cake pops from Bakerella with the cows, pigs and chicks....but, we'll see...not sure if I will have time!

Hank's playgroup on Fridays is going GREAT!!!  FABULOUSLY!!!  His speech is improving everyday.  Right now his favorite toy/character is Buzz Lightyear!!!  It is so cute how he says Buzz!  I have packed his backpack and got his lunchbox ready for his full day of school on Tuesday!!!!  Oh, and he has been going pee and poop on the POTTY!!!!  He even went today when we were at Siobhan and Jason's!!!!  CRAZY!!! 

Just bought this....for the kids!!!  Elli is so cute, she has been singing along with all the songs from the Disney I love Beauty and the Beast, so I can stand to hear the songs over and over!
Alright, I'm gonna finish watching Brothers & Sisters and then go to bed! 

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