Thursday, September 23, 2010

Anti-Cancer Book

On a recommendation of a colleague at work, and I use the term colleague with a little bit of a wink.  He is more of a boss-type.  Retired O-6, but COMPLETELY freaking cool.  Seriously, he is not your TYPICAL O-6 (and those of you in the Navy or were in the Navy KNOW what I am talking about!!!)  So, anyway, Mike recommended this book to me and after just reading the introduction, I am already fascinated. 

Anti-Cancer by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber is an amazing story.  It discusses how certain cancers (colon, prostate and breast) are linked to our diet, stress and lack of exercise in our culture.  He focuses on how to structure your diet around cancer-fighting foods, how vitamin D3 plays a significant role in slowing cancer growth and why to avoid sugars and bleached flours.  It is fascinating already, and I haven't even gotten into the MEAT of the book. 

So, I wanted to give Mike a little shout out - THANK YOU!!!  This is another way we are going to structure our diet and change what we put into our bodies!

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