Thursday, September 23, 2010

Weight Loss - Almost there!!!

Okay, so I can totally put my weight on here because barely anyone reads this blog...right???

Yesterday I weighed in at 148...woo hoo! I have lost 34 pounds...that is the size of my oldest child. Seriously, I have never felt better about my body! I weighed about 140 in college, but that was with the huge obnoxious boobs I had.

Not sure if all of you know this, but I have a particularly large upper body. Well, in 2005, I had TWO breast reductions. The Navy paid for me to get my breasts reduced because I have bulging discs in my lower back (L4-L5 and L5-S1 for those that also have back issues). The doctor told me that the reduction probably wouldn't help with my back, but I wanted it done and the Navy paid for me to go to a non-Navy plastic surgeon. Luckily my boss at the time was so cool with it because his wife had also had reductions and she gave me the book about breastfeeding after having a reduction. I thought it was weird at first, but looking back appreciate it a whole lot more. So, after my surgery in June, I felt good, but I started off at a 36G, and wanted to be a 34 or 36 C. Needless to say, I was not a back I went in September for another surgery. This surgery was a lot harder on my body and I don't do well with the drugs...this time I told the doctor that I didn't want any boobs...he laughed and I total, I think the doctor took about 7-8 POUNDS off my chest....and for those of you at the reunion, I still have quite the shelf...just not as bad as it used to be:)

So, dealing with the weight, obviously the boobs grew with all the pregnancies and I was able to breastfeed (not exclusively) but I was happy. This has been such a journey. I never thought it would happen overnight, but once I stopped breastfeeding with Jake, the weight just started to fall off. This whole process has been life-changing for Daniel and I. We are eating more vegetables and whole grains, limited processed food.

Talking with our Weight Watchers leader yesterday, I am trying to pick a goal weight. Something that is not going to kill me. I thought all along that it would be 145, but now I am thinking that maybe I should let my body decide. My leader said that her body naturally plateaued and that her body chose the weight she was supposed to be. I would be happy at 140 or even 145...I am just so happy that I am so close...

Anyway, I have a busy busy weekend ahead. Daniel is taking the kids to the beach on Friday until Sunday. I am hosting a baby shower for Siobhan on Saturday. I am so excited!!!

Today Miss Kandy from Infants and Toddlers will be here - Hank is doing amazing and saying A TON more words. He even says, love you! I love that! It melts my heart! Then Hank has his hearing test with Dr. Som at 11am and then who knows what we will do, the weather is not cooperating with us! Have a great day everyone!

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