Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Upcoming events

Okay, so a few weeks ago I posted something on here about hosting a few baby showers coming up.  Well, I just got my Bakerella Cake Pop book not so long ago.  I have been dying to try this recipe and I think they look so freaking cute.  (They even have little farm animals - which is the theme for the Boys' birthday party in 2 weeks.)
So, here is my first picture...I know it isn't the best picture and I definitely could have enhanced the lighting....but I am hoping that they are tasty and a definite eye catcher.
For Siobhan's baby shower, I am trying out the cupcake pops, but also doing the chocolate dipped oreos, chocolate covered pretzel rods, cheesecakes, sugar cookies and possibly a MAIN cake - depending on time...I just received the cutest cupcake tower from a Willow House party I attended, so the MAIN cake may turn into cupcakes...the pops will also double as favors!
The theme is pink and green with polk-a-dots and stripes...it was hard to match the exact green with plates and napkins....it will just have to be close...
Daniel is supposed to be taking the kids to the beach on Thursday night....this will help me out TREMENDOUSLY as I will have all of Friday to MYSELF.  I can work from home in the morning as I cook, clean, bake....then I can organize and set up everything Friday night (without having to worry about little hands and fingers grabbing after all the chocolate.)  I hope this happens...because I am way too excited to have a whole day and a half to get organized!!!
I am thinking of getting a new computer....I have been paying people on Etsy WAY too much money for things that I think I can create myself with the right publishing software.  In fact, I am sure that apple probably has a program that I could use...so I definitely need my own computer...we'll see, maybe Santa can get one for me!
Elli has started asking about "Happy" - he is our Elf on the Shelf.  What a great idea and I can't wait to exploit Happy this year.  Every year this will get better because the kids will understand more and more...Thank you, Happy!!! 
Anyway, that's all from me today.  Time to get organized and get my shopping list in order.  Ta ta for now!


Kristen Oxendine

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