Saturday, September 18, 2010

Reunion, Anniversary, and Elli's surgery

First, the reunion was the weekend of September 11th. It was SO awesome to see everyone! I keep in touch with most on Facebook, but it was also nice to catch up with those not on FB. All of the women of our class look better than I remember they did at school, and I am not exaggerating. Everyone seemed so happy and that makes me happy. The whole reunion was a HUGE success thanks to the whole committee, Lauren and John. What a fabulous time! My voice is still recovering after a week...

Friday night, we had an event at the Fleet Reserve Club. The event ended around 10pm and we should have gone home....but instead, I wanted to go to O'Brien's, then Acme, and then to top it off we went to Mangia (not WW friendly) and got pizza. All i remember is Jonnie Iadonisi coming out with handfuls of pizza. We got into a cab and went home. The poor cab driver had no idea how far he had to drive. He was probably annoyed.

We used a new sitter for Thursday and Friday. We found her on Sittercity and have been really pleased. She lives close and the kids love her.

We just celebrated 4 years of marriage on Thursday. Crazy how time flies. The 4th Anniversary Gift was Fruit and Flowers. So, I found Georgetown cupcakes for Daniel - they came with little flowers on them, then I gave him a candy apple for the fruit - anyone that knows Daniel knows how he loves sweets. He brought me home some beautiful flowers and we went to The Palm in DC for dinner. It was so good.

Elli had surgery yesterday to take out her tonsils and adenoids. The surgery only took about 30 minutes and we were home around noon yesterday. It was a long day though...she doesn't like the taste of the pain I am going to try and take it back to the pharmacy to get them to flavor it some more....hopefully that helps it taste a little better. I had to laugh last night, because Elli was running away from me saying, "it's not tasty." I couldn't help but laugh.
She will not be at school this week....because she is supposed to rest. After about a week to ten days she should be back to normal...

Today, Elli and I will be hanging at home while the boys go to a few birthday parties. I will be working on all the last minute details for Siobhan's shower and also for the boy's birthday party. I just got the favor tags, waterbottle labels, and cupcake tags for the Farm Animal themed birthday party!!! Should be interesting. Now, I just need to get the cake made...

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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