Thursday, October 21, 2010

October - where did it go???

So, it is October 21st and seriously, where does time go?  We have had a very very busy October so far.  Starting off we had the boys' combined birthday party which was AWESOME!!!  We knew we were having live animals come out to the house, but Little Barnyard Buddies brought ALL their animals for the kids (and adults) to play with, pet, and even decorate.  It was so much fun and I just want to give a big shout out to the owner, Cindy Jimenez (which turns out she is a mother of 5 and her hubby went to USNA).

Then I was SUPPOSED to host a baby shower for my friend, Emma, but she had the baby the day before the shower - no, I'm not kidding!  She had a beautiful healthy baby girl and she named her Isabelle Edith Martin.  We were so thrilled for her and Doug.

So, since we didn't have the baby shower, we decided to go to the Hank Williams Jr. concert at the Patriot Center that night and we went with my brother, Michael and his wife, Katie, my sister-in-law Teresa and her husband Stuart.  A good time was had by all...a little too good of a time:)  Both of my brothers' and Daniel's birthday are all within one week, so we did that for Michael's birthday.  The following Monday, October 11th we went to the Caps game.  It was my first professional hockey game and it was awesome!  Butch, Stuart's dad, gave us the tickets and we had a blast!

The next weekend on the 16th we went to Old Stein Inn for Daniel's birthday.  A few friends and family joined us and we ate SO much, but it was SO good. 

Lately, I have been going on this website called - a friend at work, Abigail, recommended it.  The owner of the website is also a weight watcher and she experiments with different recipes.  Everything that we have tried so far has been AWESOME!!!  So, let's hope that it helps as the weather gets colder and all I want is pasta, carbs and fattening (Cream-based) soups!

Speaking of weight....ugh, I have been hovering around the 147-148 mark...which is fine, I would be happy at this weight....BUT, I am obsessed with the number 140.  And, I have no idea why??? 

After all the showers, I opened up my own Etsy shop to sell the cake pops, cupcake pops, oreo truffles, and I am also going to try brownie pops this weekend.  I haven't gotten any hits yet, but maybe when the holidays start approaching.

Holidays - I have already started shopping for the kids - I PRE-ordered Toy Story 3 from Walmart's website.  It was only $16, so I am sure it will probably be a HOT item this year.  It will be hard for me to hold off until Christmas, but I have the will power (I think...:)

I am going to Virginia Beach this weekend for my girlfriend Andrea's baby shower.   She is also having a girl in December.  Her husband, Josh (one of my best friends from NAPS) is a SEAL deployed to Afghanistan.  I think of Josh almost daily and hope that he is okay.  I have heard that they (SEALS) have been very busy...

Well, I am excited to get a night's sleep without a toddler on top of me, or kicking me or asking me for juice, water, etc.  And, the shower is at a wine bar, so I am sure that I will have a glass or 10!  ha! 

Hope this finds everyone well! 

Quick update on the kids:
Elli had her post-op with Dr. Som (who I secretly have a crush on:) and everything went great!  She did so well throughout the process.
Hank is saying more words everyday and he will be switching school from one full day to 2 half days a week starting next week.  He is still in the Infants and Toddlers program and he is improving everyday.
Jake is ALMOST walking...he has taken a few steps, but it hasn't been more than 3 or 4.  I'm not in a rush for him to start walking...

Alright, talk to you soon!

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