Monday, October 25, 2010

Andrea's Baby Shower

Saturday morning I took off to Virginia Beach, VA for Andrea Wynn's baby shower.  It was held at this chic wine bar called Lubo's.  The decor was so awesome, the Mango Mimosas were amazing and the food was excellent.  Everything about the day was perfect!!!

I loved the favors - mini wine bottles with a customized label that matched the cute...check it out!

The shower was intimate and fun and I probably drank the most of everyone.  It was great to see my friend Justin's mom, Betty.  She never changes, always looks amazing and is keeping herself busy!  Andrea and I were going to go out to eat on saturday for her birthday, but ended up napping on the couches until 7:30pm and then ordered pizza!  I was in bed around 10pm and had the best night's sleep in a LONG time!!!  I slept until 8am - gasp!!!  It was awesome!!!  Here are some more pictures from the shower!

I have so much respect for the ladies you see here with me - and for all the ladies that are in the military or have spouses in the military.  I don't know how you guys do it...I will remember the next time I am complaining, at least I am not doing it ALONE.  You ladies rock and I thank you for what you do!!!

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Bits said...

Those mini wine bottles are the cutest idea ever ! Loveeee the picture of the kiddos :)