Monday, November 1, 2010

Good morning, November!

Well, this year is FLYING by....speaking of flying - I will be on an airplane in exactly 10 days and the anxiety is already starting.  I think it is so ridiculous to have a fear of flying, but it is more of a fear of I'm not in control and there is nothing I can do about it.  So, with that said, I got a fresh script from the Shrink and I guess with a few Double margaritas, vodka tonics, bloody Marys or mimosas! 

We just got our holiday photo cards and I am bound and determined to get them out the day after Thanksgiving!  They are beautiful - Thanks to Heather Owens.  Speaking of her, she has really been with us to watch our family grow and I just wanted to thank her because she has really captured SO many great shots that are irreplaceable in my mind.  Growing up I would always as my dad, what he would grab if the house was on fire (I don't know why I would ask this) and he always said the pictures because you can't get back those moments and they are irreplaceable.  Today, thank goodness for back-up hard drives, Kodak gallery and facebook, of course.  So, I am working on my holiday Christmas Card list!

This weekend we did not do much at all.  We had so many options of things to do and we have just been on the go so much this month that we decided to just stay home (for the most part) and just relax.  Well, Daniel worked on Saturday and I took the kids to the neighborhood Halloween party, but other than that I just baked and cooked...I made this stew with barley, sausage, spinach, garbanzo beans, and some herbs.  It was pretty good.  I am trying to use stuff that I already have at home because I rarely take inventory and then go out and buy in excess (especially if I see 10 for $10). 

Two weeks ago I opened my Etsy shop....well, I hadn't gotten ANY orders, which I am new to this so I didn't mind.  But this weekend, I got my first two orders.  I have a few lessons learned already.  I got an order for Oreo truffles and an order for cake pops.  I am shipping them out today and hope the chocolate candy coating doesn't crack during transit.  I would totally do this for free for any of my friends....seriously, I love it! 

The weight loss - I have been making WW meals almost daily, and avoiding my trigger foods...but I still love my cheese...ugh, it is going to be so hard during the Holiday, I am trying to prepare myself now.  It will be nice though, we are staying here for Thanksgiving.  This is the first time in 5 years that we will do Thanksgiving here!  Pretty excited!!! 

Anyway, I can't think of anything else going on....Megan and Jeremy's wedding is in less than 2 weeks and that is why I am Ft. Lauderdale!!!!  Woo hoo!!!  So excited for the warm weather again!!!  I just have NO clothes that fit....I know, I know....wah, wah wah I don't fit into my clothes because they are too big...but, it is really expensive to buy new clothes every couple of months and since I am still losing, I am very apprehensive about buying size 8s....well i had to buy the basics - jeans, pants, etc.  I can't imagine that I would go down to a size 6...I can't remember the last time I wore a 6 - high school?  And, last week when I visited Courtney (Blandford) Challoner - she gave me the best compliment - she said that my boobs were the smallest she had seen them - call me crazy, but that just makes my day!!!  Good bye big boobs!!! 

That's it for now!  Hope everyone has a wonderful week - it is FREEZING here in Maryland....and Daniel just told me that I need to go out and buy the kids sweatshirts because they don't have any that we will be taking a trip to the Super Walmart today.  Yeah! 

Later peeps!

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heatherO said...

Thanks for teh sweet words, Kristin. It has absolutely been my sincere pleasure watching your family guys are so much fun to work with, and I love it that you both come with such cool extended families who I adore just as much. xo