Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

It is the Saturday after Thanksgiving and almost all of my Christmas cards are in the mail, the tree is up and decorated, our blow-ups are up and the kids are loving them, Happy (our elf on the shelf) came last night and the kids found him this morning.  I already overheard Elli talking to him this sweet!  If you have kids and want to start a really sweet tradition, I highly recommend this....I love reading the story to my kids.  I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the Fisher-Price Little People Nativity Set that I bought last year on Black Friday.   The kids love it and I love telling them the story of how Christmas started. 

So, I did Black Friday shopping this year again....but up here, usually I go with my SIL and MIL when we are in North Carolina.  I got up around 2:45am, hit Kohl's at 3am, Target at 4am, Walmart at 5:15am and Kmart on the way home around 6:30am.  Kmart in Edgewater was the most enjoyable experience.  No lines, no crazy people (like there were at Walmart) and I just had a great morning.

I got presents for all of my favorite little girls....they had Barbie dolls for $5...and now that Aunt Katie gave Elli her first Barbie, that is all she has been asking for:)

She also loves anything Dora related.  Someone gave Hank or Jake (I can't remember) this awesome reader for a birthday and the kids LOVE it.  I am trying to find more little books for it...

We had such a great time at my aunt and uncles on Thursday.  I made my WW stuffing and it was okay.  It seemed as if I was the only person to try it....oh well.

I feel so relaxed and not stressed since we didn't drive to NC.  I know Daniel misses the fattening food....but I don't miss the drive or the kids horrible sleeping schedules and the lack of bedrooms/beds for everyone.

Anyway, we went over to Megan and Jeremy's last night...ate so much food and provided free birth control!  We had such a good time and it was so good to see the newlyweds.

Today we are going over to Michael and Katie's, once again providing free birth control!  ha!  I'm going to make candied sweet potatoes and roasted brussel sprouts!!!

Daniel and I are going to the skins game tomorrow.  It is going to be a little chilly, but I'm super excited!!!  That's it for now!


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