Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So long ago, I used to blog...

I know, I know...I feel like I am always starting off by saying sorry for being away so long...well it should come to no surprise that I have been on a bit of a hiatus.  Well, I'm back!  I am going to TRY to make an entry every week...emphasis on the word TRY!  It has been a crazy spring and summer.  For those of you that might not be aware, I am knocked up again...yes, this is the worst pregnancy ever, which means she (yes, it's a girl - Emma Riis) will be the best baby EVER, right???  I was so sick in June and July...I could barely get myself out of bed to get the kids to all their activities...seriously, while I was on the Zofran, I would literally hand Elli the iPad (the boys were napping) and I would take a little snooze myself, sometimes Elli took a nap with me...but most of the time she was playing Angry Birds...The kids are OBSESSED with that game so much that I have had to mute the iPad so I don't hear the music.
After we got back from NC for 4th of July and the kids were crazy around the pool, I immediately enrolled them in swimming lessons.  My friend Brady, 9to5mom, already had her kids going to see this lady Brooke Moore who does small groups of 4-5 kids per swim session.  The kids love it, NOW!  Hank who is my fearless swimmer didn't like it the first time, but he has gotten better each lesson.  The lessons are $35 for each kid...which is a little on the steep side (I think).  But, then again, hopefully if there is ever an incident at the pool, hopefully my kids won't drown.  Elli is such a good swimmer now, she is even doing a 4-year-old version of freestyle. 
I keep trying to think about how old I was when I went swimming for the first time and I know that I was young, because my brothers and I were POOL RATS for almost every summer possible.  What good times.  I remember Michael and I riding our bikes to Clemens Crossing pool for our swim team.  Michael was really good at swimming-bringing home 1st and 2nd place finishes, while I was more of a 7th place finisher.  I remember 7th because it was a marroon type ribbon...not very pretty.  But, swim team was fun and it seemed like everyone I ever knew was on a team. 
School is about to start for Elli and Hank.  Elli is going to 2 schools - Little Puddle Jumpers and then she will also be going to the local Co-Op where she will go to school with kids she will attend Kindergarten.  First, they had Elli in the wrong class.  The school membership person, I was initially not impressed with...because it took 3 emails and a few phone calls to get her to respond to me.  I guess I expect that people check their email at least once a that too much to ask?  Even on vacation, I have my BB with me.  So, I went to orientation last night and to be honest, I left in tears.  Mostly because of the horomones that I am experiencing now, but I also left with a sense of "Oh my goodness, how am I going to be able to swing this?"  I think I must have been the only parent there that was freaking out.  I have 3 kids, 1 on the way, my oldest is 4.  "How am I going to do this???"  I don't think anyone else would understand what is going on in my head.  Daniel's response was, "then don't do it."  That is not what I want to hear.  I will make it work.  I always seem to make it work...or at least I like to pretend that I do:)  Then....every parent gets assigned a JOB on top of the helping with the teacher in the classroom.  And, yup, I got fundraising.  My first thought was ugh...I liked the program because if you didn't want to fundraise, you could write a check throughout the school year (which I totally plan on doing).  I did so many fundraisers when I was younger, I am not looking to do this again.  And, at's just going to be ME doing the fundraising.  At least I can buy the family some Joe Corbi's pizza kits for old time sake because Yup, that is our first fundraiser - woo hoo!  But, my attitude about the fundraising changed quickly after talking to Beth.  She seemed so pleasant and she was very reassuring that it wasn't that bad...we'll see...when they need me to be somewhere and I have to drag my pregnant ass and my 3 crazy kids...we'll see...I have to change my attitude and I will.  I was just stressed and the President was going so fast through all the material.  She just seemed really disorganized and crazy...on top of that some lady brought her kid who was such a distraction, he was playing with some game boy or something, um hello lady, you aren't supposed to bring your kid!!! 
So, luckily, when our power was out on Sunday morning and my neighbor, Holly, was looking for coffee (and thanks to our generator, we had coffee), Holly came in with her daughter and we ended up talking about my situation.  She takes her daughter to a young lady and today I made the phone call that has changed my whole perspective.  I CAN make this work and I will be a co-op'ing parent. 
This weekend we have an action packed weekend...Friday we have Deb Landon's Birthday Party - I hope that I look as young as she does at 29!  I cannot wait.  The Landon's are always so much fun!!!  Then the first Navy game of the season...AND, my parents are taking the kids to the Bowie Baysox game (ALL of the kids!!!)  I think they are glutton for punishment because then dad wants to come down and take the kids fishing and crabbing on Sunday.  Wow!  I will almost feel like I only have one kid (DANIEL)!  Ha ha ha!!!
Friday will also be a bittersweet day for me - Kandy is coming to do her final evaluation and close-out with Hank.  He is officially getting the boot from the Infants and Toddlers program.  But, Jake is just starting so I won't be missing Miss Kandy for long...She is an amazing person and teacher.  I am so fortunate to have her help me with the boys.  It gets me all emotional just talking about her, because if you could just see the difference in Hank that 1 year has is amazing!  And, I have to give Hank credit too!  He is such a trooper.
Alright, look at this entry, huh!!!
I think this is a good start!  I will make another entry next week (I hope:)


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