Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I did it - I entered the Babycenter Baby Bump Blogger Contest

I am sure that I won't get picked because 1. I am a horrible writer (I was a math major for crying out loud) and I write exactly how I talk, which I am pretty sure you are NOT supposed to do... and 2. I never win anything.  Which I am fine with, it was just exciting to hit the SEND button and submit an entry.  I submitted the post about Jake and my mole - that one got a few responses from friends - even if no one comments on my blog!   I guess if I do win, everyone will have to start commenting, ha!  Just kidding...
The contest had limitations on the amount of words each entry could be...so, here is what I emailed to them...I wish I were funnier:)
1.  Hi!  My name is Kristen, I am 34 and this is my 4th pregnancy.  I am due to have another little girl on January 24, 2012.  I live in Edgewater, MD with my husband, Daniel, and 3 children – Elli (4), Hank (3) and Jake (2).  We are just about to celebrate 5 years of wedded bliss.  I had the first 3 kids in 27 months and that will be about the separation of Jake and Baby Emma.  I went to the Naval Academy and graduated with a BS in Math, but have never used my degree.  I was on 2 different ships and traveled the world.  I moved back to the East Coast, met my husband, left the Navy and am now a defense contractor (part-time).  I also do a little baking (via Etsy), blogging (although I don't think anyone reads my blog except my mother), and volunteer on my Community Association Board in my spare time.  One interesting thing about me was that I never lost the pregnancy weight in between my 3 pregnancies (which I wouldn't recommend), but last year I did Weight Watchers and lost 40 pounds to get back down to my wedding weight. 

2.  My list
I am trying to think of a list of things to do when baby Emma gets here…or better yet, a list of things not to do.  This idea came to me this morning as I was complaining to my husband that our almost 2-year-old (almost – October 4th he will be 2) needs to sleep in his own bed because he was waking me up in the middle of the night and climbing all over me trying to play with a mole I have on my arm that he is apparently obsessed with.  It used to be nipples – his, mine, Daniel's…thank goodness he stopped with the nipples, but clearly he likes bumps.   This leads me to rule #1 for Emma – NO sleeping in our bed – PERIOD!  As I said this, Daniel kind of laughed at me because he knows that I LOVE to breastfeed in bed.  I think there is no better way for the baby (and Mommy) to get much needed rest.  So, this is going to be a tough one for me.  So far I just have one thing on "My List," but I feel so much better writing it down or in this case, blogging it down because then I can compile my list at the end, print it out and remember it.  I did this when I was losing weight.  I wrote down my goal weight and it helped me achieve it.  I need all the help I can get these days.  I think this list is going to be more of a challenge than anything else, but for the sake of my sanity, it needs to be done!
Are there things that you would want to re-do or do over with your babies?    

3.  Picture #1.  This was taken at 20 weeks pregnant and I was still in my regular clothes - pretty impressive (IMO) for a 4th pregnancy!  Picture #2 - our last family photo shoot...this was one of the better photos...our life is crazy, but it's so fun! 

4.  I have a personal blog:  www.theoxendinefamily.blogspot.com  I try and write in it every week...I took my first trimester off because I could barely fix a meal for my 3 kids let alone get up long enough to think of something to write that didn't include Zofran or morning sickness...
What do you think???  I am not going to get my hopes up...but hopefully they will consider choosing me because my life is the craziest???  Ha!  I'm just laughing at the thought of winning.  I might get disqualified since I attached two pictures...we shall see.  Here is the timeline for entries...just in case:
Submit your bio, blog post and photo: September 7-14
• BabyCenter editors will announce the top 5 finalists: September 19
• Momformation.com will run sample posts from the top 5 finalists: September 19-23
• BabyCenter editors will invite the top 5 finalists to create videos: Due September 26
• Momformation.com will feature the five videos and readers will vote on their favorites: September 26-30
• BabyCenter editors notify the two winners via email and will make an announcement on Momformation.com: October 3-7
Videos???  I have the WORST voice on video, answering machine, etc...oh well, it won't come down to that.
Alright, back to work...TTFN!

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