Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New obsession

Confession...I have a new obsession.
After submitting my non-entry (that's what we are going to call it because I hate to get my hopes up that I will actually get picked...because of reasons 1 and 2 from yesterdays post) to Baby Center I found another blog about feeding your baby regular (not pureed baby) food at 6 months of age.  This couple that has a regular blog on Baby Center seemed awesome and they were trying something that I had never heard of...and since my children don't have the palates for all the veggies I would like them to have, the baby led weaning (I think that is the official name) is something that I think I will try with Baby Emma.  So, after reading their success with their baby, it led me to their blog.  WOW!  They are AMAZING!!!  They have totally renovated/redecorated 2 houses.  They are still in progress of their 2nd house, but it seriously looks AMAZING!!!  I want to copy their style and all their ideas.  I LOVE Pottery Barn, and wish I could afford to decorate my house from a Pottery Barn magazine, but the reality is that I am cheap.  The Petersik's have re-designed, decorated EVERYTHING in their house.  They have done everything on a budget and they seem like such down to earth people - I'm obsessed!  AND, they live in Richmond, so we are practically neighbors. 
So, another goal of mine...after baby #4 comes along, of course, is to re-decorate or just decorate considering most if not all of our furniture is hand-me-downs (thanks to our good friends, Mike and Ellen Fergus) and do a little more decorating, painting, DIY'ing.  We'll see if I have the energy after chasing after 4 kids under 4-years-old. makes me tired just thinking about running after 4 kids. 
But, we have a lot of work to do in our house (which is only 3.5 years old).  Anyway, their blog is called, Young House Love and it is awesome!!!  They even had their wedding in their back yard!!!  AMAZING!!! 

Check it out, I'm sure you will be obsessed too!!!
Oh, we also had an exciting morning at the dentist.  Hank had a cavity (between his two front teeth, of all places) a few weeks ago when we went for our 6 month check-up.  (Insert Mother of the Year award here:)  So, this morning was the big day.  They don't do Novocaine, they do laughing gas, so this made me a little nervous....OK, A LOT nervous.  But, he did so great!  I was such a proud mama!  The tech turned on Toy Story 3 for him, he put his sun glasses on, and chose to have bubblegum (although he called it Gummy Bear) scented gas mask on and he did great.  The whole process took about 40 minutes.  I asked the doctor if she could shave a little bit of the tooth so I could actually get a piece of floss between his teeth, which she happily did after she couldn't get the floss between his teeth.  (No wonder he had a cavity there.)  And, since he wasn't numb, he could eat right away, so he wanted Dunkin Donuts munchkins after he got 3 prizes, a new toothbrush and stickers from the dentist office.  So, that was our excitement for the morning.  Phew, so glad he did so well!!!

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