Wednesday, January 4, 2012

30-Day Clear the Clutter Challenge

Stacie from Motherhood on a Dime just posted this Challenge...and I so feel like I need to DECLUTTER my life...Declutter the Toys, the books, the JUNK.  My in-laws got me a paper shredder for Christmas and I need to get it out of the box and start decluttering my mail and all the crap that I save.  UGH!  Emma will be here sooner rather than why not!!!

I will start off small with baby steps - my mail cabinet.  I also have my stack of Christmas cards staring at me and I need to get a few binders from Walmart because I saw the cutest idea on Jamielyn's blog, I heart nap time to organize and keep Christmas cards every year.  I love getting Christmas cards and I love seeing how much all my friends' kids have grown and it would be neat to keep them all filed by year in a binder.  I definitely have last year's cards and this year's cards, so somewhere to start!

With the baby coming, I also need to start getting serious about the other kids' rooms.  Elli's could use some updating and the boys' room just need a whole lot of help.  I bought them name decals almost a year ago and they are sitting in my hall closet collecting dust.  So, I have a list of things that I would like to accomplish before Emma makes her big arrival.

Speaking of Emma - it was a little crazy at work today.  I was feeling all kinds of pressure down there.  And, my back has been starting to ache - like bad menstrual cramp feeling.  Since I have never been into labor naturally, I am nervous that something will happen that I am not prepared for.  God forbid I don't get my epidural!!!  I know that women do it all the time...I just don't want to be one of those women - I like my relaxed labor - watching Grey's or Sunday football and then a little drama when I have to push for 10 minutes or so (I'm sure it will be quicker this time around).  I remember with Hank, I had to check-in at 7:30pm on a Thursday night and it was the season premiere of Grey's anatomy and right as it was starting, I was getting my epidural and I was hoping the doc would just let me watch it while he was doing the whole needle thing...not so much, I had to hunch over and look at Daniel.  Grey's is new tomorrow night, maybe I will go into labor then - ha!!!

Alright, I gotta get back to menu planning and couponing...

Goals for 2012, so far - still working on a BIG list:
1. Organize my life - financial, clutter, etc.
2. Go on at least one date night with Daniel at least once a month
3. Take the kids back to Great Wolf Lodge (we had so much fun in December)
4. Buy at least 2 more chairs for our dining room set - 6 is not cutting it anymore
5. COUPON and menu plan
6. I know I have more...I wrote them down in my notebook, but can't remember anything at the moment.
7. More to follow!

Random pic from Army-Navy this year - I love our matching hats!  Love you, honey!!!

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