Saturday, January 14, 2012

4 days out - my worst fear

Induction Day is scheduled for 18 January.
Last appointment I was +23 pounds...I don't know how I keep going up and down in weight - it must be what I am wearing that day.
Last weekend, I had my maternity photo shoot and I it was COLD, but so fun!  I got a few jumps on the trampoline - finally!  And the kids definitely told the photographer that I was going to pee my pants.  They were, unfortunately, right.  I had to do an outfit change after the jumping.  Well worth it for the pics!

My doctor, Dr. Luecke, told me at my appointment about a woman who came into labor & delivery with her 4th pregnancy and she wanted her epidural, but she was already 7cm and the doctor told her too bad, it was too late.  THIS IS MY BIGGEST FEAR!

I was 3cm dilated at my last appointment and I have never really felt a contraction.  SERIOUSLY!  I haven't really even had braxton-hicks.  I am not sure if that is lucky or what...but right now I'm fearful!  It keeps me up at night.  Every weird pain or feeling, I'm not sure if it's a contraction.  What if I'm the woman who comes into the hospital 7cm and no epidural.  That would be TERRIBLE!!!  HORRIBLE!!!
I know that women do it all the time and I respect those women...but I just want my normal medicated, easy labor and delivery...why try and do it the natural way NOW!?!?  I have very fond memories of my 3 other deliveries - with Elli I was nervous, but it was great, Hank's I specifically remember it being the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy and I remember asking the anesthesiologist if we could turn the TV up so I wouldn't miss anything.  With Jake, the Redskins were on and they were actually beating up on Dallas.  So, you see, I just want my normal labor and delivery that I have had with the past 3 pregnancies.

So, yesterday, I was annoyed with the boys' bedroom set up, so I felt that I HAD to move the furniture (2 beds and a small dresser) while Jake was napping.  Hank sort of helped, but I am definitely in the mode where I am not waiting for Daniel because a) he usually falls asleep when he gets home, after he eats and b) I have ZERO patience right now, ZERO!

We are going to attempt to go to Ikea today and get some dressers for the boys' room and for Emma's room.  Her crib isn't even set up yet...but the pack and play in our room is - is this a bad sign already???  I also noticed yesterday that I have no baby clothes for her.  But, thank goodness, my cousin Lauren saved her stuff...this is my saving grace right now.  I went through all the stuff I saved for Elli, but since she was born in June, everything is short sleeved.  Like, I said, thank goodness for Lauren!  She is a life saver - Lauren, if you are reading this - THANK YOU!!!  (consider that your thank you note as I haven't written one since before June - sorry).

We are also going to try and stop and see Nana and Pop-Pop.  We haven't seen them since Christmas Eve.  So, this will probably be the last visit for a couple of weeks...because everyone knows that I hibernate in my house during this time of year and it will probably be freezing and unless I have to take a kid to school or activity, I am content at home.

Oh, I lost my mucous plug this morning - I know this doesn't mean much, bc you regrow one every 24 hours or something like that, but it was still exciting!!!

Alright, very random post today...sorry, my brain is in a million different places - nesting, organizing, TRYING to get a grip on all the toys in my house....ugh!

Also, I found a new blog obsession and this woman has been all over Facebook, but her blogs are hysterical and I find that I can totally relate to her.  And, she has an interesting name - Glennon.  If you haven't read her or heard about her, please do.  I especially like the Target blog with the sports bra and gym and also the one where she takes her kids to the doctor for various things and one time they tell her that her son's eyes look crossed because he is part-Asian.  It is really funny!!!

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