Wednesday, June 27, 2012


A few weeks ago A friend from college passed away from breast cancer. She wasn't a close friend, but a friend nonetheless. So, of course, I ran into more "friends" from college. After the wake everyone was gathered outside and I was talking to a few of the girls that I like and seemed genuinely interested in my life and not just asking to be polite.

One of the ladies asked me if I was going to come grab something to eat and a drink. I was pretty hungry since I didn't have time to get dinner before the wake. So I said sure. But I had driven and parked in the school parking lot. I spoke with the Parkin lot attendant and he said the gates closed at 10pm, and it was 9 at the time. So I said I had to move my car. I walked up the hill to get my car. By the time I got back, everyone was gone. Nice people, right? If they didn't want me to come, then why bother inviting me??? I would NEVER do that to someone.

I don't really care, but then I run into one of the ladies last weekend and I really don't want to see her because I know she is not a nice person. Daniel says to just ask her what happened that night. But I don't want to cause a scene at our friends house. So I do nothing. I decided to kill her with kindness and not go out of my way to be friendly, but not be a bitch. So, is that fake of me???

Hopefully I don't have to see these people that often. I'm not in their stupid clique and don't want to be. So, I was thinking of unfriending them on FB. They don't care anyway, so they probably wouldn't notice.

The problem is there are some girls that I really like...

Anyway, just ha to get that off my chest.

What do you think is worse: to confront someone or be fake???

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