Monday, May 4, 2009


Just a simple update to what has been going on in our lives.  I have no idea where April went, it seriously flew by.  

Last Friday, Elli went pee pee on the potty for the first time.  It was very exciting and she also went once on Saturday as well...but then, we let her run around naked and she pooped in our room.  Daniel said, "no more no diaper."  It was pretty funny...because she was so sneaky about it!  You have to laugh, right?  

I was really excited when the weather started to get nice because I was able to get out and about in our neighborhood and meet some of the neighbors and their kids.  We have been invited to a birthday party about every that should be fun for Elli to interact with new kids.  

We also found a church that I really love.  It is literally right up the street from where we live, so it is very convenient.  The people are great and Elli spent the whole service in the nursery yesterday.  They have so many toys that she didn't even realize that I was gone!  Then they served lunch afterwards.  It was a good thing too, because I was STARVING!  They are having a Mother's Day service next week and giving out tomato seedlings, which is great because I got myself one of those topsy turvy tomato planters and am going to try and grow my own tomatoes this year.  

Hank is just about to start crawling, I swear, any day now.  He manages to get himself around okay by rolling everywhere, but before we know it, we are going to have a crawler.  He is also very squirmy when you hold him.  He likes to move!  Hank still has only the two teeth that came in around the 6 month mark, but he is drooling like crazy and putting everything into his mouth.

Life is great right now.  Busy, but great.  I am feeling great.  Our sonogram is scheduled for the 13th of May, so 9 days away.  We are NOT going to find out the sex.  I know, so unlike me...but we are going to make this one a surprise!  We have one of each, so we are just hoping for healthy!

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